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The Lesser of Two Evils: Choosing God over Sexual Sin

By Dean P

In a world where temptation lurks around every corner, the choice between following God's plan and succumbing to sexual sin can be a challenge at times. For many, it may seem like a constant battle between two conflicting desires. However, when faced with this dilemma, it is essential to understand the concept of the "lesser of two evils." I want to share with you the importance of choosing God over sexual sin, highlighting the benefits of aligning our actions with His teachings.

Sexual sin encompasses a wide range of behaviors that deviate from God's intended design for human sexuality. It includes adultery, premarital sex, pornography consumption, lustful thoughts, masturbation, and any form of sexual immorality. These actions not only violate God's commandments but also have detrimental effects on individuals and society as a whole.

I have often thought of concept of the "lesser of two evils" and how it relates to making choices when faced with conflicting options. In its nature, this concept implies that, in certain situations, one choice may be less harmful or have fewer negative consequences compared to another. When it comes to choosing between God and sexual sin, I have said to myself, “Dean, why would an all loving God want you to choose between two things that will hurt you?” In my single days,

I would justify my acting out and say, “If I masturbate, at least I’m lot having premarital sex. It's less harmful.” In reality, both are harmful. I had the choice of the third option to choose God, and deny my flesh.

Sexual sin may provide temporary pleasure or gratification, but it often leads to long-lasting negative consequences. These consequences can include broken relationships, guilt, shame, emotional distress, loss of self-respect, and damaged spiritual well-being. Moreover, sexual sin can have a detrimental impact on one's physical health, such as the spread of sexually transmitted infections & erectile dysfunction.

Choosing to follow option 3, and God's teachings in matters of sexuality brings about numerous benefits. Firstly, it fosters healthy relationships based on trust, commitment, and mutual respect. By embracing God's design for sexuality within the boundaries of marriage, individuals can experience true intimacy and fulfillment in their relationships.

Secondly, choosing God over sexual sin promotes personal growth and spiritual well-being. It allows us to develop self-control, discipline, and a deeper understanding of our own worth and value in God's eyes. By aligning our actions with God's teachings, we cultivate a stronger connection with Him and experience His grace and forgiveness.

Lastly, choosing God offers a sense of purpose and direction. God's plan for human sexuality provides a framework for building a strong foundation for family, society, and the community at large. By upholding His standards, we contribute to the well-being and stability of our relationships and communities.

The choice between whichever sexual sin and God can seem to be a challenging one, but it is essential to recognize that choosing God is truly better than either of the two evils. While sexual sin may offer temporary pleasure, it ultimately leads to negative consequences and hinders personal growth and spiritual well-being. By choosing to follow God's teachings on sexuality, we can experience the benefits of healthy relationships, personal growth, and a peace in knowing we have made the right choice, finally walking in victory. Let us strive to align our actions with God's will and find joy and fulfillment in living a life that honors Him.

My name is Dean P I'm a grateful believer in Jesus Christ striving for moral and sexual purity

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