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AMP Recovery is a Ministry of Apostolic Moral Purity We are a program designed to aid men who are struggling with maintaining sexual purity.  Sexual purity is defined as a Biblically-based view of human sexuality with Christ at the center of our sexual relations.

A word about anonymity “At AMP Recovery we keep no central database. We keep records on attendance data only. No personal data is kept on file. If you shared it with him, the director of the program has your email and phone number for communication purposes only. No personal data is sold or shared.”

AMP Recovery Overview 

Sexual impurity in a man’s life is often apparent through the presence of lustful thoughts, masturbation, use of pornography, acting out sexually outside of a committed relationship, same sex attraction, or adultery.

Why we offer AMP Recovery?


  • Men in Apostolic Churches, like all men in or out of the church, have experienced sexual temptation and the destruction that accompanies all forms of sexual impurity.   AMP Recovery is designed to bring the best of the 12-step recovery program to the men of the Apostolic Church who are struggling with sexual impurity.  It is built on the foundation laid by Alcoholics Anonymous around 1935.  This foundation has been adopted and adapted to help individuals with other obsessive, compulsive and addictive behaviors.  In particular, it was adopted by various groups dealing with sexual addiction (SA, SAA, etc.).  We have obtained permission to adopt and adapt the 12-steps as practiced by CastimoniaCastimonia is an overtly Christian recovery program built around the 12-steps. The word “Castimonia” is Latin for moral purity.  The name signifies the journey to spiritual sanctification embodied in the 12 steps. AMP Recovery is a near mirror image of Castimonia, with the added focus on Apostolic Men.

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Components of the Ministry

The program is composed of a variety of meetings and individual interactions as outlined below.


Support Meetings

  • Meetings with a structured 12-step meeting format where attendees/members can share experiences, strength, and hope with one another in an effort to release the burdens of life.  Shares may also include a “check in”. A “check in” is an update on the individuals sobriety.

  • “Sharing” is a balance of rigorous honesty and avoidance of details that could be triggering to others.

  • Closed meeting – individuals who feel they cannot relate to the shared readings or who do not struggle with maintaining sexual purity are asked to leave.

  • Acceptance & support for one another; not condemnation.

  • Voluntary participation with expectation of anonymity and confidentiality.

  • No crosstalk or feedback is permitted. Cross talk is when two individuals engage in conversation excluding all others.

  • Meetings are online and typically scheduled at a designated day/time combination each week.

  • Meetings may occur in various settings:  in a physical room, zoom or telephone. AMP Men’s Recovery is on zoom only at the present time.


Growth Meetings​ 

  • Support group meetings follow a prescribed agenda/format (prayers, readings, participant expectations, topics, shares, etc.) while growth meetings may have a variety of formats.

  • Cross-talk is not allowed in support meetings while it is both allowed and often encouraged in Growth meetings. Cross talk is when two individuals engage in conversation excluding all others.

  • Support group meetings are typically ongoing (e.g., every Monday at 7PM on zoom) vs. growth groups typically meet for a given purpose for a set number of meetings and then disband (more ad-hoc and temporary)

Examples of Growth Meetings

  • Step Study – a group of men meet together with 1 or more sponsors for the purpose of working the 12 steps together (e.g., every other Saturday morning for 18 months)

  • Future Retreats – a group of men meet together for a weekend to have a variety of large and small group sessions to receive information and then process in small groups.

Individual Interactions

In addition to ongoing support meetings and periodically scheduled growth meetings, much interaction between men in the ministry will occur in a variety of individual settings.  As with growth meetings, individual interactions are an opportunity for cross-talk and feedback to be shared. 



Accountability is developed through our online message board (GroupMe) and on an individual basis.


Participation is:

  • Entirely voluntary

  • Anonymous & confidential

Contact information is shared by each member at the discretion of the member.  When contact information is shared in a meeting, it is to be used by another member solely for the purpose of individual interaction.  Attendance information may be collected and stored only on an aggregate basis.


Financial Resources – In general, this is a ministry of volunteers.  As such, the financial resources needed are relatively modest (cost to develop/maintain a website, zoom license, etc.).  Much greater attention is needed to programming and volunteer development than financial development. Processes to ensure financial integrity are needed, but they will not be applied to massive resources.

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