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What does AMP Recovery consist of?

  • Weekly Online Recovery Meetings (Support Meetings) held Via Zoom

    • ​Meetings with a structured 12-step meeting format where attendees/members can share experiences, strength, and hope with one another in an effort to release the burdens of life.  Shares may also include a “check in”. A “check in” is an update on the individual’s sobriety.

  • Groupme

    • ​Online Message Board (Groupme) requires an invite. Fill out the contact card to receive an invite.

      • Ongoing accountability relationships are developed through our message board account. Participation requires the willingness to honestly, lovingly, and firmly ask and answer questions within the groups Message Board.

  • Online Step-Study or Sponsorship (Growth meetings)

    • A group of men meet together with 1 or more sponsors for the purpose of working the 12 steps together or a Group Book Study

*When establishing your account on Zoom/GroupMe for your display name please use first name last initial (i.e John S.) this protect everyone’s anonymity.



What to expect at an AMP Recovery Meeting

Many of you might not have attended a 12-step meeting dealing with Sexual Purity issues.  At AMP Recovery, we are open and honest about our struggles with sexual purity.

You are not expected to openly admit you have a problem with sexual purity or sex addiction.

You are not expected to share your experience if you feel you are not ready.

You are not expected to be perfect.


When you attend a meeting, expect to meet men who are open about their struggles, who discuss in a frank and Christ-centered way about what they have experienced.  The words masturbation, pornography, prostitution, and sex carry no shame when spoken. When you attend a meeting, expect to hear the term “sex addict” or “sexual addiction” as many of the men who have attended AMP Recovery have determined for themselves that they have gone past the point of sexual purity and it has become an addiction for them. When you attend a meeting, expect to begin your journey towards healing from sexual impurity! All we ask is that you come with an open mind and open heart towards what God can do in your life.

Somethings you need before your first meeting


Fill out Contact Card


When you fill out the contact card you will be emailed a Newcomers Zip Folder. Your newcomers packet includes these four documents that we suggest you print out as a tool for your next meeting.

  • Serenity Prayer

  • The Problem

  • How it Works

  • The Promise

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