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The Road Less Traveled

You are probably familiar with Robert Frost’s famous poem, The Road Not Taken, in which he depicts a person facing a dilemma. He has two possible pathways from which to choose – one that is frequently traveled and one that is rarely taken. In the poem, the person chooses the road less traveled.

For the addict, the road less traveled is Recovery Blvd. Some studies indicate that only 10 percent of addicts choose to do any serious recovery work. Most live in their addiction, making only casual, infrequent attempts to find their way out.

Many want to be recovered. They want the destination, but not the journey. They like the idea of recovery, but not the work it takes to get there. They are not ready to take the road less traveled.

The road less traveled has always been the better route. Jesus said, “Enter through a narrow gate” (Matthew 7:13).

Recovery Step: Are you willing to take the road less traveled? If you are, don’t wait another day to start the journey.

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