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Sex Addiction Best Practices

Here are some things that we have found that work.

IMMEDIATELY: Recommended activities to begin your journey of recovery. *

  • See a Therapist: Set up an appointment with a Christian Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) or equivalent. A psychiatrist may be in order as many Sex Addicts suffer from ADHD, depression, or other disorders that can inhibit recovery if not treated.

  • Recovery Books Reading: Read recovery books by Patrick Carnes, Out of the Shadows, Don’t Call it Love, etc...

  • See our suggested recovery books list in this newcomer packet.

  • Attend Recovery Meetings: Attend as many sexual recovery meetings as possible. Contact us for a list.

  • Eliminate Pornography: Eliminate any and all pornography! This includes any movies or magazines that display any nudity or sexual actions/innuendos.

  • Cell Phone Number: Change cell phone number. The only exception is if the number has never been used in acting out.

  • Internet Filtering Software: Download internet and computer filtering software.

  • E-mail Address: Change e-mail address. The only exception is if the e-mail had never been used in acting out. Also, eliminate any extra e-mail addresses, especially those used in acting out.

  • Financial Accounts: Close any secret bank and credit card accounts

  • Sponsor: Find a Sponsor! You will find one at one of your sexual recovery meetings.

  • Accountability: Find an accountability partner (not your wife) to help you, ask you questions, and challenge you to remain sexually pure.

  • Triggers: Begin to identify your sexual triggers. Discuss them with your therapist and sponsor

DAILY: Recommended activities to begin your journey of recovery.*

  • Meditations: Read daily Letting God, Jesus Calling, or other Meditations.

  • Affirmations: Read a new affirmation out loud, each day, multiple times a day.

  • Prayers of Gratitude: Morning & evening prayers for sobriety and recovery.

  • Steps: Do any “step work.” Even a little will help!

  • Literature: Read recovery materials, SAA book, sex addiction books, 12-step books, The Bible, etc....

  • Computer Use: Limit computer use. Only use computers with filtering & accountability software installed.

  • Multimedia: Allow only music and movies that support your recovery.

  • Television: Limit or eliminate watching of television. Today’s television programs can be filled with sex and violence.

  • Caffeine: Reduce intake of Caffeine. Alcohol: NO alcohol.

  • Journal: Daily recovery related entries in a journal.

  • Drugs: No illegal drugs. Prescription drugs only as directed.

  • Sleep: Get regular sleep (7 – 8 hours a night). Very important for your recovery.

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