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My True Value

By Dean P

This is a photo of a 1000 gram iron bar. It's raw value is around $100.

If you decide to make horseshoes, its value would increase to $250.

If, instead, you decided to make sewing needles, the value would increase to about $70,000.

If you decided to produce watch springs and gears, the value would increase to about $6 Million.

However still, if you decided to manufacture precision laser components out of it like ones used in lithography, it'll be worth $15 Million.

Your value is not just what you are made of - but above all -in what ways you can make the best of who you are.

Step 4 calls us to Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. If we look at our assets and see how we can make the best of who we are, we will see the true value.

Take what you like and leave the rest. My name Is Dean P, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ striving for moral and sexual purity.

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