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Learning From Mistakes

Dean P

If milk is wasted, it becomes yogurt.

Yogurt is more valuable than milk.

If it gets any worse, it becomes cheese.

Cheese is more valuable than yogurt and milk.

And if grape juice turns sour, it turns into wine, which is even more expensive than grape juice.

You're not bad because you made mistakes. Mistakes are experiences that make you more valuable as a person.

They say Christopher Columbus made a navigation error that led him to discover America.

Alexander Fleming's mistake led him to invent penicillin.

Don't let your mistakes depress you. The old saying goes “practice makes perfect.” When we are chasing perfection, we will never be satisfied, because perfection is unattainable. When we are chasing progress, soon we will find ourselves further along than we ever expected.

My names Dean P. Take what you like and leave the rest.

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