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Just Use Your Imagination

written by AH

Imagination is a powerful tool. It's what has shaped the modern world as we know it. Technologies and modern methods have been shaped by the imaginations of men and women who believed in the "what ifs" of the world.

In the world of recovery, specific to sexual compulsion, the imagination is a tool used often. As its stated in recovery books, we played great games of fantasy as children. As a kid, I was the general commanding the army, the cowboy riding in on my horse to save the day. I was the hero. I could use my imagination to take me almost anywhere and do almost anything.

As I became older, the use of my imagination began to change. It was becoming darker and used for my pleasure and escape from the uncomfortable feelings and situations I wanted to run from. From my imagination to the reality of acting out came the shame and guilt of my actions. My thoughts became actions, and my actions became habits or addictions, it was a gateway to endless possibilities.

After entering recovery, I couldn't imagine a day where I had been sober for 30 days, 60 days or even dare I say a whole year. That seemed impossible! Yet, my imagination had conjured up greater things of impossibility than that of being sober for an extended period…and I actually believed some of it could happen. I came to realize that my imagination could have a good purpose. I could imagine a day where my past failures and mistakes didn't cripple the future me. I could imagine a stronger, wiser, and healthier me. I could imagine what it would feel like to be clean for more than a week. I could imagine not being bound by shame and guilt.

Someone once shared with me that my past is behind me, my future is beyond me, and my present is always with me.

Today I choose what I only imagined to be possible yesterday, today I choose to use my imagination to envision my now and future self free from addiction, this same two-edged sword of my imagination empowers me to navigate the present moment with resilience and enables me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. Embracing this other side of my imagination can truly transform my recovery journey and lead me to a life filled with hope, fulfillment, and growth.

My name is AH, I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ, striving and fighting for moral and sexual purity.

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