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0-60 in 3.5 seconds

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

One time I rented a Tesla.. 0–60 MPH in 3.5 Seconds.. but they don’t stop there.. they go faster, even illegally fast when you are passing a semi on the interstate, let's not ask me or any cops how I found that out. They go fast everywhere they drive if you press the pedal hard enough. And as fast as that is, this is is nothing compared to the human brain.. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour. When we touch something we send a message to our brain at 124mph.

When we see something, it takes 400-500 milliseconds on average for us to respond to the visual stimuli (1 millisecond = 0.001 seconds). For contrast on average the human blink lasts only a tenth of a second which is 100 milliseconds.

That my friends is fast..

We live in a society that wants everything fast.. Fast food. High-speed internet. Instant message. Streaming on demand. Same-day shipping. Instant-pot. Microwave meals. Our culture doesn’t like to wait. And there’s little reason to bother with waiting these days—if your current provider can’t do it now, someone else probably can.

Porn is the fast-food variety of sex. It’s right there, a ready-made, cheap, clickable imitation of the real thing.

Porn provides sexual experience for impatient, busy people, who don’t have the time or opportunity for the real thing. Porn is impatient sex—instant access and instant gratification.

Love means embracing delayed gratification.

Wrapped up in “longsuffering” is the concept of “delayed gratification.” From our culture’s perspective, gratification is something to be streamlined, optimized, and expedited. If anybody tells you to wait, they are either a self-loathing, pleasure-hating Puritan, or more likely they’re trying to rip you off with an inferior product.

Despite what our own culture tells us, we know this isn’t true. From the Bible’s perspective, the highest experience of gratification is delayed until after death. 2 Corinthians 4:17 puts it magnificently, “For our momentary light affliction is producing for us an absolutely incomparable eternal weight of glory.”

Porn promises sexual pleasure and immediate gratification. But the more you give in to temptation, the more it breaks down your ability to wait for something better. Porn is a cheaper and easier way to get sex than a life-long commitment in marriage. And certainly easier than waiting to experience the “eternal weight of glory.”

But porn is not real love, so it’s ultimately unsatisfying.

When I think back to grandmas cooking, Sunday dinners especially, things that were home- and slow-cooked were generally better if they took longer to cook (my stomach is groaning for some slow cooked pot roast even now). Instant is rarely better. It's just quicker.

Going back to the idea of a fast car, one thing I’ve learned is the faster you go the faster things get out of control quickly.

So it is with our porn addiction: the more frequently and faster we seek sexual gratification with the cheap imitation called Porn, the more things get out of control and fast.

My name is Dean, Grateful believer in Jesus Christ, striving for moral and sexual purity.

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